Sunday, 31 January 2016

Monday, January 31, 1916

Usual parades. Instead of stretcher drill had bandageing [sic] lessons in band room. Played in front of Acadmey [sic] of Music in eveing [sic]. Made call at Miss Carrey in evening. Miss Gillingham from Kentville in city. J. W. Henderson and Jas. Profit arrived back tonight. Profit 4 days late. Mild and soft.

Pte. James William Henderson, 223149

Pte. James Campbell Profit, 223061

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Sunday, January 30, 1916

Paraded to St. Mark’s church in morning. Over to Bessie Shaw’s in afternoon, and went back for tea. Stayed there and wrote a letter. Had trombone down to Y. W. and playing some music. On fatigue duty today. Glorious day. General growl about the issue of belts we received.

St. Mark's Anglican Church, Russell St., Halifax, NS.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Saturday, January 29, 1916

No physical drill today. Tom Mason and Charlie McDonald [probably band member Charles Angus, 223123, Westville, NS] were going to beat one another up at breakfast. But one was scared and the other frightened. Barrack and kit expect [sic—inspection] this morning. Batt. in recreation room from 11 to 12 a.m. Picture taken and singing. Curling with Major Morrison [Malcolm H., Sydney, NS, sick December 8, 1917], Lt. Philips [not listed in Hayes’ index], Lt. Wood [not listed in Hayes’ index] against Wellington Barracks, score 10 - 10. Had supper at Kakie [sic] Club. Alex Myers taken to hospital. Cold.

Wellington Barracks, Halifax, NS.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Friday, January 28, 1916

Usual morning drill. Scrubbing band room and sleeping room. No stretcher drill today. Band pratice [sic] in afternoon. Dance at Dalhousie in eveing [sic]. Dances—
2. Miss Harvey
3. “ Fraser
4. “ Hennessey
6. “ Harris
7. “ Hennessey
8. “ Anderson
9. “ Carr
11. Mrs. [?] Anderson
1 Extra Miss McIntosh.

Very cold.

CAMC stretcher bearers in training.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Thursday, January 27, 1916

Usual drill. L. R. Purvis & W. Dunn [neither listed in Hayes' index] arrived back from hospital. J. W. Henderson [James William, Stellarton, 223149] went home today on pass. Skateing [sic] at arena tonight, then went down to St. Mathews [sic] Church. Sang for them. Little colder.

St. Matthews Church, Barrington St., Halifax, NS.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Wenesday, January 26, 1916

Usual drill. Bob Roy and myself at dance at Arena. Dalhosi [sic—Dalhousie] night. Had big growl with man in charge of mess room. Walked home from dance with Miss Hennesey and Miss McIntosh. Wet.

Pte. Henry Harris "Harry" Murray, 223069

Pte. Robert Hugh "Rob" Roy, 223072

Monday, 25 January 2016

Tuesday, January 25, 1916

Usual morning drill. Stretcher drill in afternoon. Bob Rae [Roy?], A. Fraser, and myself at bakers [?]. Met J. W. Henderson and went to St. Paul’s had lunch. F. Burges [sic - Frederick V. Burgess, 222886, Weymouth, NS, wounded at Vimy, April 27, 1917] home on pass. Mild.

Pte. Archibald James Fraser, 223064

Pte. James William Henderson, 223149

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Monday, January 24, 1916

General growl about to [sic] much cold air in bed room. Men could not sleep. Usual morning work with Squad drill from 11 to 12 extra [sic]. Takeing [sic] pictures this afternoon of different parts of batt. Over for Hockey practice from 5 to 6. Out to Victoria Hospital in eve also at Strand lunch at Green Lantern.

Victoria General Hospital, Halifax (1895)

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Sunday, January 23, 1916

Paraded to Trinity church in the morning. Had dinner with Stan Fraser and the boys at 83 1/2 Cogaborg [sic - Coburg] Rd. Supper at Mrs. Prof. Murray Mc Neil’s. Present: Miss McKenzie, Miss McBride, Miss McKenzie. Spent a very pleasant day. Down town on eveing [sic]. Colder again.

Churches of North End Halifax

Friday, 22 January 2016

Saturday, January 22, 1916

Roused at 12.45 a.m. this morning by fire alarm. False alarm. Batt. route march in morning. Band excused on account of playing in Arena tonight. Waiting for letter from home, that did not come. Had tea at Bessie Shaw’s. Played at Arena in eveing [sic]. Very windy and raining. Red Cross skate. Ice poor. Alex makeing [sic] big hollor [sic] about playing.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Friday, January 21, 1916

Physical drill as usual. Scrubbing band room and sleeping room in morning. No band pratice [sic]. Stretcher drill as usual. Pratcing [sic - practicing] hockey at Arena from 5 to 6 P. M. Walked down town and back again, in barracks again at 9.30 . Weather milder. Jas Profit [Sgt. James Campbell Profit, 223061, Pictou, NS, sick August 21, 1918] went home for five days leave. L. R. Purvis [not listed in Hayes’ index] & W. Dunn [ William Charles Dunne, New Glasgow, NS, 223071, admitted to hospital for treatment of "disordered action of heart" on January 21, 1916] to hospital for there [sic] discharge.
Sgt. James Campbell Profit, 223061

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Thursday, January 20, 1916

No general growl on arising this morning. Usual parades. Stretcher drill in the afternoon. Shaking at arena tonight. Had lunch in lunch waggon [sic] after rink. Snowing tonight.

85th Battalion cap badge

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Wednesday, January 19, 1916

General growl this morning, everbody [sic] wanted to beat somebody for rousing them at 6 o’clock. Tom Mason sick. Usual morning parades. Route march in afternoon. Extra good supper tonight, sausage & hot buns. Curling at Mayflowers in evening then went down town. Bathurst vs. Halifax Mayflowers curling this eve. Cold and fine.

Pte. Thomas Mason, 223078

Monday, 18 January 2016

Tuesday, January 18, 1916

Usual Drill in morning. Bandmaster [Lieutenant Daniel Mooney] on the job again. Stretcher drill in afternoon. Over to Miss Fraser’s Spring Garden Road in evening at a little bridge party, also Rob Roy. Met and walked home with Miss Anderson nurse. Had a dandy time. Snowing pretty heavy tonight. J. W. Henderson [James William, 223149, Stellarton, NS] arrived back today from six weeks leave. Thompson also arrived back from 2 weeks sick leave.

Pte. James William Henderson, 223149.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Monday, January 17, 1916

Usual morning drill practicing. Stretcher drill in armouries in afternoon. Dan [Mooney] better today, up to see us. Started over for Hockey Pratice [sic - practice] but ice in bad condition so no pratice [sic]. At the Strand Theatre in eveing [sic]. Lunch at Kakie [Khaki] Club. Very cold.

85th Battalion - 1916 Military Hockey Champions

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Sunday, January 16, 1916

On fatguie [sic - fatigue] duty today. Paraded at North Park St. Church. Had supper at Bessie Shaw’s. Played at Academy of Music for recruiting meeting. Had lunch at Kakie [Khaki] Club. Bob Roy washed dishes for me at supper time. Milder. Dan [Lieutenant Daniel Mooney, Stellarton, NS, bandmaster] still sick.

North Park St. Church, Halifax, NS.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Saturday, January 15, 1916

No drill of any kind today. Inspection General in morning. Had a battalion sing in recreation room in morning, 11 to 12. Curling at Mayflowers, afternoon until 5 p.m. Had bath at Y.M.C.A. Supper at Kakie [sic - Khaki] Club. A. Fraser, B. Roy, D. Cameron. Pay Day. Bowling in evening—95⍧. Very cold.
Mayflower Curling Club, 1920

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Friday, January 14, 1916

Arrived back from Kentville at 9 am. Left there at 6 am. Ruel [sic] Mooney has been with us for two days. Went home today. Scrubing [sic] band room and sleeping quarters. Called at Bessie Shaw’s this evening. At Dalhousie dance tonight. Swell time. Fraser Mooney, Bob Roy with me. Program Dance
1. Miss Murray         11. Miss Morrison
2. “ Bain                   12. “ Ward
3. “ McDonald          13. “ McDonald
4. “ Levlor                14. “ Dickie
5. “ Power (missed)  15. “ Clemen
6. “ Storry                 16. “ Munroe (Stellarton)
7. “ Henton       
8. “ Wilson
9. “ McInnis
10. “ Carr

Very cold. Arrived back at 1 o’clock. Had extra dance with Mrs. McNeil.
Pte. Fraser Dudley Mooney, 223079

Pte. Robert Hugh Roy, 223072

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Thursday, January 13, 1916

Physical drill but no band practice on account of lights out of buisness [sic]. Band left for Kentville at 3.10 to play in Rink there. Big crowd. Ice very poor. Met an old friend, Edna Gillingham. Fraser Mooney and I went down to there [sic] house after rink. Fraser with her cousin, Winnie Gillingham. Pleasant eve. Misting rain and mild. Stoped [sic] at American House. Ruel [Rule, Fraser’s brother] Mooney and A. Fraser [probably band member Archibald James, 223064, Truro, NS] with us. Bandmaster [Lieutenant Daniel Mooney] went home sick.

Pte. Archibald James Fraser, 223064

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Wednesday, January 12, 1916

Usual morning work. Played funeral of young bugular [sic - bugler], who died of pneumonia. [Roleigh John Shaffner, 223363, Paradise, Annapolis Valley, DOB January 30, 1900.] Buried at Fort Massey churchyard. March back through Barrington St. Curling at Mayflowers rink in evening until 9 o’clock. Then went downtown. Bowling—45⍧. Fine and cold. Chud [sic] McDonald [probably Charles Angus McDonald, 223123, Westville, NS] joined band today.

Pte. Charles Angus "Chud" McDonald, 223123.

Pte. Shaffner's "circumstances of casualty" card.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Tuesday, January 11, 1916

Arrived back from Truro at 11.50. Did nothing the rest of the day. Met Miss Lavallie and walked down after the show with her. Fine and cold. Allie McDonald arrived back today.

Pte. Alexander Robert McDonald, 223081

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Monday, January 10, 1916

Usual morning parades. Left at 3 o’clock for Truro. Red Cross concert in Princess Theatre, Truro by 85th Band. Put up at Stanley Hotel. Big house, everthing [sic] went great. Snowing tonight. Milder. Sang Mother Mc Cree, Perfect Day, “Wearining [sic - yearning?] for you”, I’m the Man, Read the answer in the Stars, Face at the Ballroom.

Stanley Hotel, Truro, NS

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Sunday, January 9, 1916

Paraded to 1st Baptist St. Church. Out to Arta [sic] Falconer’s for supper. Fraser Mooney [Fraser D., 223079, Stellarton, NS] with me. Big crowds skating on Chocolate Lake. Fine and cold.

Pte. Fraser Dudley Mooney, 223079

Friday, 8 January 2016

Saturday, January 8, 1916

Physical drill only this morning. Barrack room inspection. Dinner half hour late. Curling at Mayflowers [sic] rink afternoon. Duncan Cameron [Duncan W., 223121, wounded at Carency on May 23, 1917, rejoined battalion May 30, 1917] out with me. Had bath at Y.M.C.A., supper at Kakie [sic] Club. Bowling in eveing [sic]—15⍧. Tom Mason arrived back tonight, three days late. No. 2 Platoon A Co. quarantined for scarlet fever. Very cold.

Pte. Duncan Cameron (223121), Westville, NS

Pte. Thomas Mason (223078), Stellarton, NS

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Friday, January 7, 1916

Usual morning’s work. Staff parade afternoon. Batt’ [sic] parading before Canoles [sic] on Commons. Dam [sic] near froze. Played at Arena tonight. 85th Hockey Team vs. Socials 5 - 1 favour of 85th. Very cold.

Halifax Armouries, "A" Company, 85th Battalion Quarters

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Thursday, January 6, 1916

The usual routine. Stretcher bearer drill this afternoon.* Battilion [sic] singing in Recreation Room. Major Day sent after me to lead singing. [No “Major Day” in Hayes’ list of 85th’s Officers.] Downtown in evening. [Struck out in original.] Played at Officers’ Mess eveing [sic]. At a bridge party at Mrs. McDonalds 110 Tower Rd. Fine time. Very cold.

* Traditionally, regimental bands provided stretcher bearers for the battalion and were responsible for removing wounded soldiers from the battlefield. More information on stretcher bearers is available at First World War Veterans of Guysborough County, Nova Scotia.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Wednesday, January 5, 1916

Morning as usual. No pratice [sic - practice]. Capt. Finney [Lieutenant-Colonel Earle C. Phinney, Halifax, NS] in band room raising the devil. Down town in afternoon. Also in evening. Hockey club had first practice in Arena. Angus McDougall [Angus Duncan, 223077, Stellarton, NS—band member] went home. Billie Dunn sick [William Charles Dunn, New Glasgow, NS, 223071—discharged as medically unfit on June 22, 1916]. Alex Myers [Alex E., 223075, New Glasgow, NS] appointed Corporal.

Lt. Col. Earle C. Phinney, OC, 85th Battalion
Pte. Angus Duncan McDougall, 223077
Pte. Alexander Myers, 223075

Monday, 4 January 2016

Tuesday, January 4, 1916

The usual routine. Bowling all evening. Allie McDonald’s boy died today. Barns joined band [Henry Percival, 223395, Halifax, NS]. Had supper at Kakie* [sic] Club. Tom Mason [Thomas, 223078, Stellarton, NS] home to sister’s wedding. Rob Roy arrived back today. Fine. Gig [?] also fell and hurt the sidewalk. [sic]
Pte. Henry Percival Barnes, 223395

Pte. Thomas Mason, 223078

* In 1915, Queen Victoria's third son, HRH Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Governor-General of Canada at the time, sponsored the formation of the Khaki League. The organization operated a series of clubs across Canada, with the goal of providing services to men in uniform—meals, social activities, accommodations while on leave, etc..

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Monday, January 3, 1916

On fatigue duty in Band mess. Jack Munroe [John Robert, 223062, Stellarton, NS]* is laid up with sore arm. Am beating bass drum. Pay day. At Strand [Theatre, predecessor to Neptune] tonight. Downtown in eveing [sic]. Band at Arena. Bowling- 25-4 [sic]. Bob Roy [Robert H., 223072, Westville, NS] home, Illness of mother. Allie McDonald also. Illness of his son. [Alexander Robert, 223081, Stellarton, NS, was married at the time of enlistment. He was also a band member.]

Pte. John Robert "Jack" Munroe, 223062
Pte. Robert Hugh "Bob" Roy, 223072

Pte. Alexander Robert "Allie" MacDonald, 223081
*: Where possible, individuals mentioned in Harry's daily entries have been identified using the comprehensive personnel list printed in Lt. Col. Joseph Hayes' The 85th in France and Flanders (Halifax, Royal Print & Litho Ltd., 1920). Information includes the soldier's attestation number and hometown.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sunday, January 2, 1916

Band paraded to Trinity Church in morning. Spent afternoon and supper at Bessie Shaw’s. At St. Paul’s Church in eveing [sic - evening].

St. Paul's Anglican Church, Halifax, NS

Friday, 1 January 2016

Saturday, January 1, 1916

[text inside diary cover]

Henry Harris “Harry” Murray
Regimental Number 223069 Bandsman
85th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders)

Pte. Henry Harris "Harry" Murray, 223069
Date of enlistment: September 29, 1915 at Stellarton, NS

Next of kin: Mrs. Christena Murray, Stellarton, NS (mother)

Saturday, January 1, 1916

Route march in morning to Dutch Villiage [sic]. Had dinner at Bessie Shaw’s. Band played at Y.M.C.A. in evening. Also sang solos, Perfect Day and Mother McCree. Fine and cold.

85th Battalion Band