Friday, 4 March 2016

Saturday, March 4, 1916

Were to play this morning but very bad storm, which kept us here all day. Loafed around hotel all day. Capt. Churchill in charge of troops here arranged a smoker for us in eveing [sic] at which I recited. Speeches by Col. Borden [Lt.-Col. Allison Hart, Halifax, 85th’s Commanding Officer, DSO Passchendaele, sick April 25, 1918], Mr. Crowell, Dr. Cutten [According to Hayes, p. 27: “Capt. (Dr.) George B. Cutten, President of Acadia University accompanied Col. Borden [on the tour].”], Mayor and two other gentlemen. We were to be in Port Greville today but on acct. of storm could not make it.

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